Direction of Travel & Treasaro’s Story

Direction of Travel & Treasaro’s Story
Authors: ,
Series: Train Your Eye, Book 2
Genre: Equine Sport
Tags: Lunging, Mounted work
Publication Year: 2016
Length: short
ASIN: 1539145646
ISBN: 9781539145646

The rider's position can make all the difference in the world on how your horse performs. Direction of Travel shows you, clearly and easily with pictures, how to improve your horse's performance and speed up your training.

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About the Book

Do you know how to use your seat aid in the most effective way? Did you know that you can get advanced movements with almost no aids if you use your body in a certain way? Do you know how to use your weight to get around a jump course efficiently? Do you know what to do so you are not interfering with getting the best from your horse?
The next almost-all-picture book in the ‘Train Your Eye’ series, this book helps you with your position so that you are getting the best possible performance from your horse with the least amount of work. Professional trainer, Eloise King, shows you with pictures how to help your horse be the best he can be. Follow Eloise as she shows you how to get a strong, athletic horse that has the qualities that seem so elusive to so many riders.
Dressage isn’t just for the horses destined for the dressage ring. Eloise shows you the best way to lightly aid your horse in order to ride in a way that is forward and free and translates extremely well into many other types of horseback riding: jumping, eventing, Western Pleasure, barrel racing, endurance, sidesaddle, to name a few.
You can use this book to make training and riding easier, more fun, and get a happier horse to boot.

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