Self-Carriage: A Book to Make Horse Training and Riding Easy

Self-Carriage: A Book to Make Horse Training and Riding Easy
Authors: ,
Series: Train Your Eye, Book 1
Genre: Equine Sport
Tags: Mounted work, Self-carriage
Publication Year: 2016
Length: short book
ASIN: 1530050375
ISBN: 9781530050376

So you are training your horse. Do you know what the results of that training are supposed to look like? In other words, is your horse moving and building muscle in the right places to give you the ride that you want? Use the pictures and explanations in this book to turn your horse into a super athlete for dressage, jumping, barrel racing, Western Pleasure, cutting, and many more equine disciplines.

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About the Book

Almost all pictures, this horse training book will help you feel confident in the training of your horse. Professional trainer, Eloise King, shows you with pictures how your horse should look as you are training to achieve self-carriage. This book also explains the benefits of having your horse in self-carriage and why it is so important to always train so your horse is not heavy on your hand.
There is so much talk in equestrian circles about getting your horse to be light on the bit, powerfully engaged behind with a high back. The truth of the matter is that it is rarely seen in many equine disciplines today. Follow Eloise as she shows you how to get a strong, athletic horse that has these qualities that seem so elusive to so many riders. She will show you how simple it is to start your horse so that it has these qualities and will retain them throughout its training.
Dressage (a French word that means training or schooling) was once a useful tool for starting working horses that were to be used for everyday riding. Eloise teaches useful dressage that is forward and free and translates extremely well into the many other types of horseback riding: jumping, eventing, Western Pleasure, barrel racing, endurance, sidesaddle, to name a few. Any working horse will benefit from being in self-carriage whether they are used for English or Western riding, pleasure or speed; self-carriage is an essential in any riding that you may do and makes riding more fun.

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