Direction of Travel & Treasaro’s Story

The rider’s position can make all the difference in the world on how your horse performs. Direction of Travel shows you, clearly and easily with pictures, how to improve your horse’s performance and speed up your training.

We want so much from our horses and there are so many little, simple things we can do that will help our horses give us what we want.
Do you know how to use your seat aid in the most effective way? Did you know that you can get advanced movements with almost no aids if you use your body in a certain way? Do you know how to use your weight to get around a jump course efficiently? Do you know what to do so you are not interfering with getting the best from your horse?

The next almost-all-picture book in the ‘Train Your Eye’ series, this book helps you with your position so that you are getting the best possible performance from your horse with the least amount of work from you and your horse.


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Frankly I wasn’t expecting much since how much can you possibly learn from 20 something pages of mostly pictures. However this happened to be a true gem – one of those rare books where every sentence will make you think and yet will give a practical clear very relevant advice. I gained more from this little book than from many other far more extensive works of equestrian literature.

Horse Runs Out At Jump? Try This!

event jump 2
Establish a relaxed canter or trot toward the jump. When you are about three strides out, open your hands out from the sides of the horse’s neck; the left hand moves 6 – 8 inches to the left of the horse’s neck, the right hand moves 6-8 inches to the right of the horse’s neck. In essence you arun out at jump 001re forming, physically and in the horse’s mind, an inescapable corridor to the jump. You can either be sitting or in 3-point position. Your elbows, hands and the horse’s mouth are in a straight line. As the horse lifts into the jump, you must go back to the proper jumping position. And, need I say, THUMBS UP before, during and after jump.

How to Create a Fabulous Horse!

jump pic 001Whether you are starting from scratch or have a horse that needs to be fixed; whether you are a novice or experienced rider, the easy step-by-step instructions with illustrations and pictures in “Forward: Riding with Eloise King” make it easy to get the most out of your horse.

Dynamic and sensitive rider, Eloise King, takes you through all the important points of what works to get a truly athletic horse for: Dressage, Hunter/Jumpers, Eventing, Western Pleasure, Pleasure Riding, Reining, Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, and most any other equine discipline. FORWARD will help you avoid problems in training, get past points where you just seem stuck, and offers many practical methods to get the best from your horse.

This book covers:

Lunging—Not just any lunging, but lunging that builds a strong horse with tons of impulsion.

Work-In-Hand—Many exercises are presented that make your horse more supple, athletic and attentive to your aids.

Mounted Work—How to help your horse do his best and give you a great ride.

Eloise King brings the knowledge of 60+ years of working with just about any horse related challenge you could run into. Eloise has worked with and trained many top riders and trainers. Now in her 70’s she is still riding, training, giving clinics, and learning more all the time from her main teacher, the horse.