Forward: Riding with Eloise King: A Horse Training Book for Beginner Through Advanced

Forward: Riding with Eloise King: A Horse Training Book for Beginner Through Advanced
$14.95 paperback/$6.99 kindle
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Genre: Equine Sport
Tags: Lunging, Mounted work, Recommended Books, Self-carriage, Work-in-hand
Length: 120 pages
ASIN: 1508913080
ISBN: 9781508913085

Training horses is easy.
Do you want a horse that is very athletic; able to jump, run barrels, dressage, Western Pleasure, reining, etc. without stressing or breaking him down?
Do you want a horse that responds to your aids as if he were reading your mind? Then you need to learn how to do three basic steps? These steps work for beginners through advanced riders for training or retraining the horse. This is the book that will teach you simply and clearly, how to ride and train in a way that works with how your horse moves and thinks.
It will help you create an exceptional horse.

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About the Book

Horse training is easier than most people think. One of NUNO OLIVEIRA’s exceptional students, Eloise King, shows you that there are 3 basic steps that work every time — no matter what type of equestrian discipline you are showing or training in. These 3 steps are used whether you are starting, retraining or wanting to refine your horse’s training. They are a perfect guide for the beginner through advanced riders. Covered simply and clearly with explanations and pictures of how to adapt exercises and gymnastics to your horse, they help even the problem horse. This book teaches you how to school your horse using techniques inherent to how the horse moves and thinks. It will develop a horse with not only a great willingness to work with you but extreme athleticism. Eloise King’s many years of training, racing, dressage, jumping, endurance riding, and showing are distilled into this book. It shows you how you can use the lunging, work-in-hand and mounted work to have your horse responding as if it were reading your mind. Whether you are in the dressage or jumping ring, running barrels or a reining pattern or looking for a pleasurable ride, “Forward” will help you get the most from your horse.

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